Thinking investment? Consider Real Estate

As individuals grow up, certain expectations are required of them by the society. This is a challenge facing most young adults of ages 21 to 30 in most cases and by extension, till age 35. As it is believed and said, “life” starts at age 40. This resonates well with the struggles of individuals mentioned in the above age brackets.

After completing “basic” education through the current Kenyan education system, 8-4-4, individuals are expected to start taking up responsibilities both at home and away. With the current worrying trend of unemployment, it has been discovered that the education system in Kenya produces more “managers” than “workers” thus the system being phased out for a much more practical based system since the former was more theory-based.

Many young Kenyan adults wait to complete their university education so as to venture into the job market. With the lack of “soft” skill training like financial management training in schools, individuals are left to find their way inside thickets flooded by “wrong” information about how, where, why and when to invest.

With the exception of few who are guided by their family and those who are inquisitive enough to find out what works, what doesn’t and what is best for their individual interests taking into account their talent and ability, quite a number of young adults find themselves in deep waters without knowing how to swim. For the past two decades, there has been an exponential real estate growth trend. As it currently stands, the chances of getting it wrong within the sector are minimal.

Speculation has become a common practice in the real estate business in Kenya as the value of land constantly increases, thanks to the rapid economic growth brought about majorly by infrastructural development that in turn spurs urbanization. This has seen a high total return of an average of 25% against almost 12% of the other traditional asset classes, according to Cytonn, a renowned investment firm. Start your real estate journey today by checking out reputable real estate and investment companies in Kenya from Get expert advice about the sector, find out how to marshal funds from banks and microfinance institutions in Kenya and don’t forget to consider engaging with reliable insurance companies in Kenya.

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