Small business success tips (part 2)

From our earlier article, we had started looking into some of the aspects that should be taken keenly when running a business so as to break even as soon as possible and even go on to achieve the business goals. Quick recap of these factors: having an online presence, adopting different marketing strategies and providing excellent and outstanding customer service. Below are other paramount factors that contribute to the growth and eventual success of a business.


As popular businessman Richard Branson is quoted saying, “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” The statement pretty accurately summarizes the importance of employees in a business set up. To add to this, employee recruitment and retention is the other crucial aspect in a business. Attracting and retaining the right people would help the business in many ways to promote growth.


With most of the world population going mobile due to the known mobile advantages, your online presence which include the business website should be mobile-friendly. Embrace Mobile Marketing, which includes strategies like text message advertisement and mobile display ads on either your business’ mobile application or another business’ application through search engines like google. Also consider setting up mobile payment systems for your business on both international and local platforms like “Lipa Na MPESA” by Safaricom.

Business on the Cloud

With the increase of use of the world wide web, there are currently a wide variety of cloud based services that would save your business loads of cash that would be otherwise spent mostly on IT infrastructure. Cloud computing would also allow your business to be accessible from “virtually” anywhere on the planet. Think about moving some business processes you’re your accounting software, document backups, among others, onto the cloud and realize a shift in the dynamics of your business.

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