Qualities of A Good Customer Service Representative

Customer care or customer service is a big deal in business, because you need customers to keep the business running. So what makes a good customer service representative? Honesty, timeliness, a product that delivers on its promise and a good attitude are just some of the qualities that come to mind.

Product Awareness

A good customer service representative must have knowledge of the product or service in question. Having a detailed knowledge of the company’s product or services is vital. How the product works, its price, troubleshooting and much more. A representative without good product knowledge is a catastrophe waiting to happen!

Problem Solving

Customers need to feel assured that they have not only been heard but also understood and sorted out. The ability to build your problem solving skills as a customer rep is something that should be an on-going process. Learn about the product, learn new techniques, learn and keep learning some more.

Efficient Response

We all value prompt response. Whether it’s something menial or ground shaking. As a customer service rep, not getting back to the client as promised can leave the client with a bad taste and your company with a bad review. If you are not able to fix the issue, inform the client that it is still being worked on and give them an expected delivery time if possible.


Patience is a virtue. As a customer service rep it’s a must have precious gem! Greeting clients with a smile and treating them with respect goes a long way in customer satisfaction and brand image. Even when a client is rude, as a customer rep it is important to keep your cool and maintain professionalism at all times. When a negative experience with a customer happens, try not to take it personally, dust yourself up and try again!

All in all, providing good customer service is one of the most important things that can set your business apart from your competition. Are you a service provider in a public relation-oriented field? List your company on kenyacompanies.com today and get the online visibility you deserve.

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