Projected mobile devices penetration in Kenya

The East African country is set produce up to nine million new mobile subscribers in the next half a decade according to latest sector review report from the Communications Authority (CA) of Kenya. The report shows that mobile subscribers in the country has hit a total of 51.03 million and is expected to jump to 60 million by the year 2025 providing almost 50% of the 167 million fresh subscribers forecast in Sub Saharan Africa.

GSMA’s report titled Mobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa (2019) shows the region will have over 600 million unique subscriber base by the same year. Apart from Kenya, other key markets are Nigeria, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. The report also shows that around 239 million people, equivalent to 23% of the population access the internet through their mobile phones on a regular basis.

Across the region, the demographic bulge will result in large numbers of young consumers becoming adults and owning a mobile phone for the first time and will account for the majority of new mobile subscribers according to the report. Subscriber penetration within the East African Community (EAC) is projected to rise 6% up to 48% and during the course of this year, 2019, 3G shall overtake 2G to become the leading mobile technology in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Adoption of 3G has doubled over the last two years as a result of network coverage expansion by telecommunication companies and cheaper devices provided by mobile phone reselling and distributing companies. The planned KaiOS ‘smart feature phone’ initiative fronted by some leading operators in the region is set to give impetus to smartphone adoption.

The report also states that the high cost of 4G enabled devices and delays in assigning 4G spectrum to established telecommunication service providers in some markets across the continent has held back 4G uptake. Over the past year, this has however changed with new 4G spectrum assignments in several countries and a marked increase in network deployment even as the rest of the world has already indulged into Long-term evolution (LTE) networks alias 5G.

In five years, mobile operators in Sub-Saharan Africa will invest $60 billion in their networks, almost a fifth being represented by 5G technology. is the best place to keep up to speed with the current business market trends in technology and other sectors of the economic world. List your company today to compete with the over 6,000 local listed companies in our directory.

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