Network marketing

Business operations have revolutionized over time, and in some instances, firms and other organizations have opted to network marketing to boost and facilitate the sale of their merchandise.

Network marketing is an operational model that depends on one on one sale by independent agents. It requires an organization to build and maintain reliable sales partners to assist in channel generation, identification of customers, and closing of transactions.  

Majorly, network marketing is a short-term investment system that involves three basic blocks to make money and acquire a return on investment that includes recruitment, idea generation, and management. As the combination of this will improve the status of your business, given that you do it right and as required.

Basics of network marketing.

Network marketing calls for individuals with high vitality and solid transaction skills, who can create a productive business with a little speculation. As an organization you should understand the basics that include;

  • Recruitment- involves identifying the most potential labor providers who have relevant skills and understand the processes and requirements in the market.
  • Lead generation-includes discovering the most efficient and effective model to facilitate sales.
  • Management- regular examination and evaluation of outcomes based on the projected results.

Types of network marketing.

The following are some of the types of network marketing.

  • Single-tier network marketing-in this, individuals sign up for your company’s affiliate program to sell your products and services.
  • Two-tier network marketing- involves recruitment, and individuals paid commission based on their direct sales.
  • Multi-level marketing-it’s a distribution based channel that involves two or more tiers.

Advantages and disadvantages of network marketing.

  • No suitable advertising background is required-There is additionally no requirement for publicizing.
  • As a result of the direct selling approach, new and creative achievements of the maker can be pushed through the market at high edges of benefits.
  • Cost reduction-advertising is done by individuals who may not be so much expensive, like other means like the use of billboards and newspapers.


  • Some of the advertising schemes may be a fraud reducing individual trust.
  • Since its multi-level system of promotion, sales projecting is difficult
  • Promoters may take advantage of and take your business.

Steps for effective network marketing.

For effective network marketing models, the following are followed;

  • Set your goals and objectives-decide on what you want to make from this marketing program.
  • Schedule your time- adequately plan on your appointments.
  • Understand your company’s necessary procedure- learn to operate independently without necessarily depending on investors to run daily routines.
  • Prepare adequate business cards.
  • Open a checking account for appropriate record keeping.
  • Budget for and purchase material requirements
  • Learn the essential qualities of a marketer that top leaders possess.
  • Draft a detailed prospect list.
  • Circulate your pre-approach manuals to familiarize yourself with your potential prospects.
  • Make your presentation giving detailed information about your product or service provision.

Tips for network marketing.

Before you carry out network marketing, you should understand the most influential components. For instance;

  • Investment-locate enough finances for marketing
  • Relationship building- network marketing involves everyone based on their lifestyles and social status. Try to create an outstanding bond with customers.
  • Benchmarking – make a list of possible business prospects and individuals who can do the same business as you.
  • Communication –involves keeping in touch with sales agents more often, if not regularly.
  • Progress tracking- evaluate and examine whether the sales conform to the stipulated goals.
  • Pay plan-ensure that you pay and motivate your employees more often.
  • Regular training-equip your personnel with modernized skills regularly.

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