Learn the benefits of listing your business with us

Ever wondered where or how to get a certain product or service? Save yourself all that hustle of perusing through numerous google result pages, contacting multiple friends and people you know hoping to find someone who knows someone that deals in the service or supply the product you are searching for. Simply visit Kenyacompanies.com to find information rich business listings. KenyaCompanies.com is a local online business directory that is 100% human edited that has a dynamic team that approves business listings within 48 hours, keeping the directory updated, useful and handy to any resident in the commerce hub of East Africa, Africa and the world at large. This is almost a dream come true for business owners that benefit also in the ways discussed below:

Increased Online Presence

Statistics have proved time and again the high mobile device and internet services penetration rates in the country and beyond, as we earlier discussed in this article. Having your business listed with KenyaCompanies.com increases your presence on the worldwide web complimenting your website and social media platforms.

Increased Business Visibility

According to a 2014 report by Advanced Web Rankings (AWR), over 65% of users using search engines only go for the top five results when browsing. This makes the internet a very competitive platform because there are millions of websites on the world wide web (www). Coming top on search results among numerous businesses available in the country and abroad is by default a priority for a business owner who understands the power of the internet in marketing and advertising. Don’t be left behind, spare some shillings to have your listing featured with us.

Enhanced Business Credibility

Inc.com confirm a research that 91% of people regularly read online reviews while 84% trust them as much as a personal recommendation. We allow your clients to submit reviews about your business to enhance your business credibility in case of good reviews and inform your business decisions in case of bad reviews as both reviews are important for growth in any business entity. Make use of this tool available on your listing for business intelligence.

Business Leads Generation

Having the power of contacting a business entity with the click of a button once a potential client decides is crucial for conversions. It is pointless to have leads that are not converted into business at the end of it all. Receive emails directly from a potential customer through the “contact business” button available on your listing.

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