Latest local automotive industry innovation

Kenya is believed to be the technological hub in the East African region and considered among the top in matter technology in the continent. Since the days of MPESA debut, the popular mobile money platform pioneered by Safaricom Limited, Kenyan innovators are at it again. This time, in the automotive industry. The technological advancement comes courtesy of Skytop Technologies Limited, a locally based company that provides innovated solutions for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries.

Skytop’s latest solution is known as mCarFix. This is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms that looks to empower car owners, garages, auto-part dealers and mechanics in terms of vehicle repairs and the cost implications. mCarFix allows users to access authorized garages and auto part dealers while also allow them to find useful information on the functionality of various vehicle parts. Users will also be able to connect to vehicle experts from anywhere at any time in simple steps.

Users of mCarFix look to benefit in these ways:

  • Verified & accredited service providers, that is mechanics, garages and auto part dealers.
  • Authentic parts and at their actual price
  • Accurate analysis and prediction of possible faults from the information entered.
  • Storage of vehicle, part details and history information including remaining life span of serviceable parts
  • Analysis of spare parts life spans thus accurate service reminders and alerts
  • Vehicle part purchases authorization
  • Connection to trustworthy and reliable helper by use of geo location
  • Recommendation to highly rated service providers
  • Demonstration of vehicle minor fixes and repairs

The application will come in handy for vehicle owners and users who barely have knowledge on matters repairs and vehicle operating conditions amid the high rate of vehicle purchases in the country and numerous recent Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) interception of fake parts that find their way into unsuspecting owners vehicles. As the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) raise awareness on road safety, mCarFix shall in the long run help avoid many unnecessary road accidents caused by vehicle faults.

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