Filing and Secretarial Services

Filing and Secretarial Services are important business services, especially in the corporate world. The services also consist of rules and regulations which form the basis of any contracting company. Examples of such rules include regulations imposed on corporate tax planning, management of online payroll software, use of social media marketing agency partners and use of proper filing, accounting and bookkeeping services.

The main function of filing and secretarial services is to bridge the gap between business systems and administrative payroll software that offer business support services. The functions are performed in every state or country and they have their own drafted rules and regulations to be followed. Filing and secretarial services offer business support services to meet the needs of any e-commerce company or contracting companies. This is because the company secretary has the mandate to handle all company business consulting services.

All public accounting firms are required to have filing and secretarial services within their organizational setting. This means that the company directors are required under law to receive business advisory services from the secretarial services offered by an appointed company secretary. The purpose of these secretarial services is to maintain a company’s statutory documents through business bookkeeping and small business payroll services. The following should be considered in managing a company’s accounting and bookkeeping services;

  • Registration of present and past secretaries
  • Registration of all shareholders both past and present
  • Registration of any changes to company assets
  • Use of secretarial services in taking of company minutes
  • Registration of all debenture holders

Basics of Filing and Secretarial Services

  • Arranging Meetings: This is a basic business task that involves arranging all the meetings for the directors and shareholders. It involves the preparation of the main agenda, circulation of memos in all departments and taking minutes through secretarial services
  • Filing: This involves the filing of all companies’ annual returns which should accompany the directors’ and auditors’ annual reports. The document to be filed include business permits, accounting and bookkeeping service records, small business SEO services records, management contracts, and payroll services records.
  • Advisory Services: This involves offering business advisory services and business support services to directors. This is done so that they may be aware of their duties and responsibilities and that they obey all corporate legislation practices of the company.
  • Information: This is executed by ensuring that e-commerce companies are aware of any urgent information such as changes in the company’s corporate structure. An example is when a digital marketing company has appointed a new director leading to changes in the firm’s managerial structure.
  • Security: This is the protection of a contracting company’s legal documents such as a memorandum of association, management contract, corporate tax planning documents and certificate of incorporation.
  • Policy-Making: This is the formation of legal structures and laws that should be adhered under the filing and secretarial services. A website design company may implement policies and procedures to assist in the filing and retention of company documents.

Features of Filing and Secretarial Services

  • Corporate Governance: Filing and Secretarial services provide business accounting services that ensure the director’s decisions are legal and match with the shareholder’s requirements. Corporate Governance offered under secretarial services is offered by e-commerce companies by using the best practices offered.
  • Assurance: This is the assurance provided by a company secretary that when they perform their secretarial services, b2b services, and payroll services, everything will be filed perfectly leading to a smooth business support service.
  • Company Records: Filing and secretarial services are always essential for every facility management company or copywriting agency as it assists in the maintenance of company records from every organization’s activities such as accounting and bookkeeping services. This helps companies to retrieve records fast and easily to assist in the company’s operations management and outsourcing services.
  • Business Advice: The other services offered include the business advisory services which are offered by the best customer service companies. This helps in business process improvement especially when customers form strong relationships with the public accounting firms and other consulting companies.
  • Completion of tasks: When companies have the appropriate secretarial services in place, they will become content on the completion of company filings as default may lead to major consequences. There may be fines made on business loans default, and business corporate tax planning made to companies that don’t follow the right procedures.
  • Annual General Meeting: The presence of a company secretary can assist in professionally drafting AGM minutes and handling the AGM structure by using facility management companies. Important secretarial services will be offered which will lead to a smooth AGM transition.

Pros of Filing and Secretarial Services

  • Contributes to a company’s high productivity and lower cost
  • Huge responsibilities are offered under filing and secretarial services.
  • No stress is involved when conducting filing and secretarial services
  • Employees tend to have greater satisfaction in their job duties
  • High opportunities for interacting with higher-level managers
  • The job responsibilities given have no job barrier.

Cons of Filing and Secretarial Services

  • The pay scale is not satisfactory
  • The job category mostly belongs to women
  • There is usually no career growth expected
  • This job involves a lot of paperwork making it prone to damage
  • Virtual assistant companies have taken over the services
  • Staff are always overworked sometimes

Tips for filing and secretarial services

  • E-commerce companies should try and used a centralized filing system for storing company documents
  • Employees should be trained on the proper ways of saving their documents may it be in the office or filing systems
  • Directors should monitor the company’s filing and secretarial services regularly
  • To ensure records compliance, rules and regulations under the secretarial services should be reviewed on an annual basis.
  • A good filing system should have clear and simple file categories to be used under secretarial services
  • Always ensure to keep the documents awaiting storage in office trays
  • Manage the company records daily to avoid piling of work 

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