Does my business need online presence?

Currently living in the “information age”, pretty much of the World’s economy today is driven by technology and technology-based innovations. This has been on the rise since the turn of the new millennium and sky rocketed over the last decade. Many entrepreneurs have cashed in on this era of internet aka world wide web and social media. Why not be among them?

Lately there has been high mobile devices penetration whereby Kenya is the top leading in Africa and globally, a boasting 83% last year surpassing the leaders by 2017, Nigeria at 81%. According to Jumia Kenya, the leading eCommerce website locally, they noted that most of their orders in 2018 came from mobile devices (web and app), an indication that most of the mobile devices in Kenya are smartphones. In Nairobi, for instance, 97% of all phones sold constitute smartphones while the remaining 3% are feature phones.

The above figures show the significance of having an online presence for your business in terms of a website, mobile application and social media. Having one, two or all of these platforms available for your business massively increases your market visibility and if strategically implemented, contributes to having an edge over your competition. This is a cost that you have to consider before getting into business as you have to incur recurrent expenses such as annual hosting and domain name renewal fees. This is apart from the initial fees of development and set up of the individual platforms.

The online marketing space has become competitive to the emergence of social media influencers that actually get paid to share and promote business brands with the goal of achieving more visibility and conversions from their following. Search Engine Optimization mainly referred to as SEO has become a niche to consider on top of just having a website.

It is therefore advisable to consider and implement an online presence strategy for your business since this space isn’t going away anytime soon. It only gets better and wider with the expansion of 3G and 4G coverage nationwide by the major internet service providers in Kenya. It is our business to increase your online visibility and business credibility by listing your company in our directory (free), having your products or services in our soon to be launched e-Commerce platform and generate B2B business leads for your company.

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