B2B Online Marketplace for Companies in East Africa

Globally, e-commerce has taken over the traditional module of government and Kenyacompanies.com has committed itself to ensure East Africa fully embraces the power of online marketing. The platform has their focus on companies where they provide business to business connections by offering professional listings, advertisements, and online exhibitions. Kenyacompanies.com has consequently built an extensive database which opens a whole new doorway for businesses to enhance their partnerships and reach out to new markets both locally and internationally.

Collective Efforts Equals Better Results

Speaking on the motivation behind the creation of the platform, the Founding Director said, “Today, every business is concerned about having a visible online presence, and while individual efforts are appreciated, collective efforts have always resulted to better results. It is not enough to maintain a company’s website and social media pages when you can embrace an extensive database which is focused on all kinds of businesses. We created the portal as a way to fill this gap and give each enterprise an entry point to reach to the East African community and the world at large.”

In a bid to redefine the services that clients can receive from the platform, Kenyacompanies.com has gone the extra mile to provide the latest business news in Kenya. Information is power, and every company spends a considerate amount of time and resources looking for reliable information on the industry’s development. Kenyacompanies.com has made it simpler to access all relevant information in any industry segment through their timely updated news segments. All the articles posted are by professionals who ensure that all details contained are facts which can be utilized in any commercial setting.

Talking about their resource center segment, the Content Manager said, “We take to account the needs of entrepreneurs who are planning to make an entry to the local markets and require expert advice. It is for this reason that we created the resource segment that is tailored to answer all bugging questions faced by anyone who wants to start an SME or company in East Africa. All the principal types of businesses are covered and what it takes to have them registered for compliance with the laws that govern commercial activities locally.”

A Portal that Meets Users’ Needs

The thousands of business listings provided by Kenyacompanies.com make them the go-to place for a list of companies in Kenya. Companies from all categories are given adequate consideration and clients can have the assurance that all their needs will be catered for by the portal. Kenyacompanies.com continues to grow their already extensive listings as more businesses realize the powers of the portal which has broken limits on improving a brand’s online presence. Companies that want to gain more from the portal can embrace their featured listings which are more visible by all viewers of the site.

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